Sandblasting Information
Sandblasting Overview:

-  Developing the design is a unique collaborative   
process with each client.

-  The design is then drawn on the masking material that
has been applied to the glass (or metal, wood, granite

-  Using Xacto blades, the design is cut by hand through
the masking material.  Leaving exposed areas for the
sand to carve the surface.

-  The piece is then ready for the sandblast room.  The
first phase of blasting is the design areas that will reflect
the deepest carving.  The sequence of blasting from
deep areas to shallow areas is important to reflect the
dimensions of the design.

-   Applying half tones and fading to the design is the last
phase of sandblasting.

-  The final pieces of masking material are then removed,
revealing the completed design.